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Useful Resources for Mental Health Information

I advise against Internet searches regarding psychiatric diagnoses, medications, or other treatments.  There are too many biased, inaccurate and misleading sources of information.  Here are some reliable, accurate, and balanced sources of information.

General Mental Health Information

The National Institutes of Mental Health ( has information about psychiatric diagnoses and treatments, useful suggestions, and information regarding clinical trials.

Medication Information and have medication information for both consumers and professionals, including information about side effects. also has an excellent medications interaction checking tool for those concerned about potential adverse interactions between their medications or with over-the-counter medications or foods.

Support Groups for Families and Patients

Information and support for families of patients with psychiatric diagnoses is available from the National Alliance on Mental Illness ( and the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (  A group specifically for ADHD support is Children and Adults with ADHD (  For those who suffer from Social Anxiety with respect to public speaking Toastmasters ( provides support.  All of these groups have several active Atlanta area chapters.

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